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Aruba: only with high-quality IT infrastructure can we quickly keep up with IOT.

at present, in the vertical fields across various industries, IOT infrastructure expenditure is entering the enterprise IT budget. IDC recently released the findings of the IOT IT Infrastructure Research Report. It found that the improved business products, IOT data management and new network elements are the key to the successful implementation of IOT plan within the enterprise

this new survey is listed as follows: it has studied the current and future plans of it end users for IOT infrastructure, and analyzed the IOT knowledge of IT organizations, the plans for deploying IOT strategy in the next 24 months, and which manufacturers are most suitable to affect the IOT plan of end users

sathya atreyam, research manager of IDC mobile and IOT infrastructure, said: considering the strong attraction of IOT based technology solutions, enterprise it purchasers are looking for factories that can add IOT capabilities to the existing network and edge IT infrastructure. 2 sulfur oxide, nitrogen and oxygen are added to the surface of dashboard skeleton, door panel and column trim panel. Therefore, the total emission of fabric or leather upholstery is added

other findings are as follows:

telecom service providers, high-tech, manufacturing and construction industries have become the frontier vertical fields for deploying IOT solutions.

there is an increasing demand for new networking elements that can solve IOT traffic behavior.

wifi and Bluetooth are the preferred IOT connection mechanisms with low power consumption

data analysis, relevance and pattern recognition ability at the time of data point creation have proved to be key determinants in vendor evaluation.

there will be a significant shift to edge server deployment, and the wider adoption of IOT oriented public cloud services.

natalya yezhkova, director of IDC storage research, said: the survey shows that, IOT will have a significant impact on End-Users' decisions and strategies related to it infrastructure (covering the three major areas of network, software and storage)

in the future, the high-density demand of IOT for networks has brought great challenges to wireless networks. Aruba can provide it with more intelligent networking devices. Aruba's goal in IOT is to build a complete ecological chain and link thousands of IOT devices. Aruba's latest mobile first platform, Aruba clearpass exchange ecological partner system and other products are designed for IOT, which can successfully help enterprises accelerate the deployment of IOT. At the same time, it supports the integration of old and new technologies with powerful scalable functions, and helps enterprises effectively reduce the cost of upgrading and maintaining China Mongolia comprehensive strategic partnership

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