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In July this year, Shenzhen Dapeng new area launched a pilot project of artificial intelligent non inductive parking, which attracted global attention. According to statistics, since the pilot project was launched, there has been an endless stream of visiting and investigation groups, and more than 60 groups of government and enterprise investigation groups, including international investigation groups from the United States, Canada and Singapore, have been received. Through the artificial intelligence high-level video dynamic license plate recognition technology, Shenzhen Dapeng artificial intelligent non inductive parking has truly realized the non inductive access, non inductive payment and unattended parking. The technology is unique in the world and far ahead, which can be called a revolution in the global parking field. Bill Clanton, a member of the visiting delegation in Toronto, Canada, was amazed after the field experience

the pilot of Shenzhen Dapeng artificial intelligence non inductive parking project adopts Dimon artificial intelligence non inductive parking technology. Canada has a deep relationship with Dimon: in 2016, the mayor of Toronto, Canada, Huang Minnan made a special trip to visit Dimon's intelligent transportation booth at the 18th high tech fair, praising Dimon for its global leadership in artificial intelligence insensible parking; At the China (Shenzhen) Canada (Ontario) innovation and international cooperation forum, Dr. Mo Weili, director of Ontario Science and Technology Department, met with Xiang Jun, chairman of Dimon, hoping to introduce and promote Dimon's artificial intelligence non inductive parking mode in Ontario

Dr. moweili, director of Ontario Science and Technology Department, met with Dimon. The document submitted by the Ministry of environmental protection to the WTO on July 18, 2017 shows that the chairman Xiang Jun

Shenzhen Dapeng artificial intelligence non sensitive parking pilot has been launched, marking the comprehensive arrival of a new era of artificial intelligence non sensitive parking characterized by non sensitive access, non sensitive payment, unattended and Trinity, which has completely subverted the traditional parking management mode, It can be called a milestone innovation and represents the highest level in the field of intelligent parking in China. Lideren, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an authoritative expert on intelligent transportation, believes that artificial intelligent insensible parking is the general trend of global intelligent parking development and will comprehensively reconstruct the development pattern of China's intelligent parking industry, which is of great significance

it is reported that the Shenzhen Dapeng pilot project consists of information collection front-end, operation management back-end, integrated service cloud platform and other modules. Among them, the information collection front-end adopts the world's most advanced high-level video technology developed by Dimon's original artificial intelligence algorithm. The license plate recognition rate of this technology reaches 99.99%, the comprehensive operation cost is low, and a set of equipment can manage parking spaces. It solves the problems of low efficiency of traditional parking management, reliance on labor, cumbersome operation procedures, poor user experience, etc., and realizes integrated, shared, unmanned and intelligent urban parking management

previously, geomagnetic sensing technology was widely used for on-road parking in Shenzhen, which not only failed to identify the license plate and vehicle type, but also required the car owner to enter the berth code for prepaid parking. Routine management was also inseparable from the patrol inspectors. In addition, the equipment had a high damage rate, was vulnerable to magnetic field interference, and the battery needed to be replaced frequently, so the comprehensive operating cost remained high. The geomagnetic model only solves the long-standing problem of running, emitting, dripping and leaking of parking fees, but does not solve the problem of high labor cost and low efficiency of parking management. The emergence of artificial intelligence non inductive parking has completely solved this problem. Said Xiang Jun, member of the Economic Working Committee of the Standing Committee of Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress, visiting professor of Jiangxi University of Finance and economics, and chairman of Dimon intelligent transportation

as a major application of artificial intelligence in the vertical field, artificial intelligent insensible parking has become the commanding height for many cities to seize the smart parking and smart cities. Xiang Jun said that AI has been mentioned many times in the government work report, and local governments have also stepped up their support for AI related industries. More importantly, artificial intelligence technology can greatly improve production efficiency and free people from repetitive and tedious work, which is also the reason why Dimon intelligent transportation chose to apply artificial intelligence technology to the field of parking

during the two sessions in 2017, artificial intelligence was first written into the government work report and listed as one of the country's four major strategic emerging industries. Subsequently, the State Council issued the development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence, which clearly identified the artificial intelligence industry as a new important economic growth point. The application of artificial intelligence technology has become a new way to improve people's livelihood. By 2030, it will drive the scale of related industries to exceed 10trillion yuan. In 2018, Premier Li Keqiang's government work report once again listed artificial intelligence as a national key strategy

artificial intelligence is the eternal sunrise industry and the core field of global industrial competition. It is no exaggeration to say that artificial intelligence is related to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Whoever occupies the commanding heights of artificial intelligence will have the future! Xiang Jun said that as the global leader in artificial intelligence insensible parking, Dimon intelligent transportation will continue to increase R & D investment as usual, speed up the innovation of artificial intelligence in the parking field to prevent water contamination and industrial application, and then close down, so as to create a global benchmark for the vertical application of artificial intelligence + parking industry

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