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Artificial intelligence will enter the national strategy, and the development opportunities of the three industries appear

Abstract: ten years later, artificial intelligence has become the theme of major financial summits, science and technology forums, and even a common topic after dinner. Moreover, artificial intelligence technology has achieved amazing results in application, and has penetrated into every corner of life. For example, driverless cars, speech recognition, robots, etc

artificial intelligence technology will greatly enhance and expand human capability boundary, and have a far-reaching impact on promoting technological innovation, enhancing national competitive advantage, and even promoting the development of human society. Today, artificial intelligence is about to rise to the national strategic level, and will directly benefit the development of three major industries: medical care, smart home and driverless

looking back at the economic history of new China, China once relied on the input of resources, capital, labor and other factors to support the rapid growth and scale expansion of China's economy, but this has become the past. Accelerating the transformation from factor driven development to innovation driven development, artificial intelligence is a reliable solution

ten years ago, "artificial intelligence" was mentioned in the national "Eleventh Five Year Plan" for basic research and development, but it is only one of the branches of computing science. Ten years later, artificial intelligence has become the theme of major financial summits, science and technology forums, and even a common topic after dinner. Moreover, artificial intelligence technology has achieved amazing results in application, and has penetrated into every corner of life. For example, driverless cars, speech recognition, robots, etc

artificial intelligence rose to the national strategic level

in July 2016, in the "13th five year plan" national coal and rock shear strength experiment: scientific and technological innovation plan for the maximum shear stress of a section of coal and rock samples under a certain normal stress "issued by the State Council, artificial intelligence was included in the plan as a new generation of information technology. In this plan, the government has made important statements about "artificial intelligence": focusing on the development of big data-driven human like intelligence technology; Break through the human centered man-machine object fusion theory, methods and key technologies, and develop relevant equipment, tools and platforms; Make important breakthroughs in the direction of human like intelligence based on big data analysis, realize human like vision, human like hearing, human like language and human like thinking, and support the development of intelligent industry

on January 10, 2017, at the national science and technology work conference, Wan Gang, Minister of the Ministry of science and technology, disclosed that Yang Jie, vice president of the Great Wall Motors Technology Research Institute, which is currently preparing a special AI project, is also studying and demonstrating the project initiation of major AI projects. This "major project" refers to "scientific and technological innovation - 2030 major project". According to the previous relevant documents, the projects listed therein reflect the "national strategic intention"

Qin Yong, director of the Department of high tech development and industrialization of the Ministry of science and technology of China, said that among the major projects "15 + 1" in 2030 for scientific and technological innovation, there are 10 high-tech fields involved, namely, aero-engine and gas turbine, national network safety space, deep space exploration and on orbit service and maintenance system of spacecraft, clean and efficient utilization of coal, intelligent electricity, integrated information network of heaven and earth, big data, intelligent manufacturing and robot Research, development and application of key new materials, and the brewing "artificial intelligence 2.0"

the previously announced three-year action implementation plan for "Internet plus" artificial intelligence proposed that by 2018, we should create basic resources and innovation platform for artificial intelligence, basically establish artificial intelligence industry system, innovation service system and standardization system, make breakthroughs in basic core technologies, keep pace with the international development in overall technology and Industry, and partially take the lead in application and system level technologies. In this regard, after artificial intelligence rises to the national strategic stage, the three industries may benefit directly

artificial intelligence + medical treatment or taking the lead in the implementation

the biggest advantage of artificial intelligence is that the results of experiments can be close to the efficiency of the actual value computing ability, especially in the data intensive, knowledge intensive and brain labor-intensive industries. Different from interconnection, the change of artificial intelligence in the medical field will reduce the gap between the oil needle and the valve body, which will be disruptive. The Internet Medical in-depth report recently released by Founder Securities shows that although security and intelligent investment advisers are the most popular, AI may take the lead in the medical field

in the medical field, as a well-known artificial intelligence product, ibmwatson is a clear example. It can read 3469 medical monographs, 248000 papers, 69 treatment schemes, 61540 trial data and 106000 clinical reports in 17 seconds; Through massive learning of medical knowledge, including more than 300 medical journals, more than 200 textbooks and nearly 10million pages, he quickly became a tumor expert in a short time

in the past two years, medical care has been one of the fields where internet giants such as Google, Microsoft and Baidu have been scrambling to increase their layout. Take Baidu as an example. It has laid out its medical business for many years. It has not only previously established Baidu medical business department, but also set up a special technical team in Baidu Research Institute to develop Baidu medical brain, a heavyweight product in the field of artificial intelligence. It has also invested heavily in startups in the medical field in recent years

at the beginning of 2017, Lu Qi, a world-class technical authority in the field of artificial intelligence, accepted Baidu's "support for orphans". The following news is that Baidu will take Baidu's medical brain as the core and abolish its medical business unit. Obviously, AI + medical has become the first breakthrough for Baidu

artificial intelligence + smart home is the completion state

2017 will be an important year for artificial intelligence from cutting-edge technology to practical use, in which artificial intelligence + smart home is full of imagination. After the climax and trough of 2016, smart home may open a new chapter in the combination of artificial intelligence in 2017

it has been decades since the emergence of smart home. So far, it has gone through two stages. The first stage is the intellectualization of single products, that is, all homes are connected to people, and all appliances are remotely controlled by app. The second stage is intelligent interaction, that is, the intelligentization of two or n electrical appliances can be linked. Now, it is generally believed in the industry that the third stage represented by artificial intelligence is gradually coming into people's eyes, and the fully artificial intelligent smart home will realize a fully automatic, self-learning and self sensing smart home system

the artificial intelligent smart home will be a complete system, which can not be completed by any company or alliance independently. It needs an artificial intelligence center that gives orders, as well as hardware facilities such as cameras, motors, processors and communication chips, as well as the integration of neural networks, deep learning, computer vision, language and image understanding, genetic programming and other fields

therefore, as a scene closely related to one third of people's lives, smart home will be the development direction of artificial intelligence. It will not include several technologies, but the integration of the whole artificial intelligence achievements. Although the combination of smart home and artificial intelligence is still in the early stage of the scuffle, with the invisible hand of the market, the survival of the fittest, a more intelligent future may appear in the near future

artificial intelligence + driverless redefines the relationship between people and vehicles

for the automotive industry, driverless is not only about creating an independent intelligent machine, but also about how to use artificial intelligence as the brain, combined with the development of intelligent transportation to bring a new industrial ecology, which will also redefine the relationship between people and vehicles in the future

at present, most vehicles with driverless technology rely on the 3D map feedback information to judge the real-time road conditions when driving. Not only do they always make mistakes, but also they need to update a large number of data frequently. Therefore, most driverless systems at present can only be regarded as auxiliary driving systems

the key technologies of driverless vehicles include high-precision maps, high-precision navigation systems, sensor systems, intelligent sensing algorithms, vehicle control systems, advanced artificial intelligence, etc. Therefore, the unmanned vehicle is a very typical application of artificial intelligence. It uses a computer and wheels to achieve what the driver can do, and can see, hear, understand and process big data

risk avoidance guarantee is a proactive factor to ensure the safety of driverless vehicles. At present, it seems that the best solution is to judge the distance between the vehicle and other objects and the possible collision speed through hardware, so as to command the driving system to complete avoidance. Accurate driving is the technology and hardware system to ensure that vehicles can achieve traffic purposes. The main thing is route determination based on map, GPS and vehicle perception. In addition, intelligent transmission and terrain module are also very important

in fact, the automobile industry is releasing new value little by little in the continuous burst of technological innovation. Artificial intelligence not only subverts the automotive industry, but also subverts the reconstruction of the relationship between people and vehicles and the relationship between vehicles and vehicles

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