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At present, the furniture industry is experiencing a trend of "customization". According to relevant data, in the next five years, the total capacity of the home customization market will be 400billion yuan, and it will grow rapidly at a growth rate of 30% every year. For successful businessmen, it is particularly important to look at the market and grasp the opportunity. If you want to share in the "customization" trend, the preferred way is to join a brand furniture store with great development potential. How to share in the trend of furniture customization? Custom furniture brand Deville

the advantages of franchise stores can be seen

for start-ups, even if they have no relevant industry experience, they can join without expensive venture capital, and the industry threshold is low. The headquarters has standardized operation and one-stop service. During the cooperation period, franchisees can obtain pre service training, opening training, marketing planning, management methods, decoration standards and other guidance, and can directly use the brand, trademark, operation and management technology and other resources of the headquarters. Compared with their own entrepreneurship, they can reduce a lot of burden in terms of time, capital and spirit

how to choose a good brand franchise store

choosing a good brand franchise store depends not only on the connotation of the brand, but also on the extension of the brand. First, it depends on the product attributes of the brand, whether the brand has personality, whether the product has characteristics, and whether it is competitive in the market; The second is to see whether the brand has popularity and reputation, whether it is well known by the public, whether consumers have a good impression of the brand, and how loyal they are to the brand, etc. Among many furniture brands, Deville has a strong momentum of development. Data show that as of 2016, Deville has more than 500 dealers and more than 600 franchised stores across the country, and it is still growing at a high speed in 2017

and Deville will provide franchisees with financial subsidies for the decoration of new stores, the reinstallation of old stores, and the opening of branches; For the advertising promotion of terminal stores, Deville provides 1:1 reimbursement support for filed advertisements, shares the brand promotion expenses, and shares the brand communication dividends; In addition, the headquarters also provides the whole process resident assistance for the franchised stores, provides free program planning, material design support, and assists the franchised store team and system construction; Of course, the headquarters will also conduct systematic training for franchisees...

at present, the customized furniture industry has a strong momentum of development. Only those who aim at the market, seize opportunities, and know how to choose can succeed in the tide

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