Qifeng is a peak for the rise of China

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Over the years, Qi Feng resisted temptation and impulse, took the road of professional development, established a scientific management system and incentive mechanism, "decentralized management, everyone is a small boss", and achieved market recognition, environmental protection recognition, government recognition and social recognition

"Qi Feng has won two world firsts in decorative base paper and wear-resistant paper, and now he is making every effort to expand non-woven wallpaper base paper, working hard for three years, and winning another world first." On the occasion of the 38th anniversary of the founding of Qifeng new materials Co., Ltd., in the face of more than 700 customers around the world, chairman Li Xuefeng announced sincerely and passionately, which not only made the most concise summary of the past glory, but also sounded the charge of the new journey

today's Qifeng, when it was founded in 1976, only said that a small community run factory in Linzi District produced linoleum base paper. Li Xuefeng, who was the same age as the Republic, was appointed factory director in 1981, and the enterprise soon turned losses into profits. In order to adjust the product structure, it switched to cultural paper in 1988. In 1996, the company was exposed by CCTV's "focus interview" due to its substandard emissions, and the enterprise was facing the test of life and death. Learning from the bitter experience, Li Xuefeng repositioned - not following the trend, finding a way to find a market from the "gap", converting to special paper, and taking the green development road of high technology and high added value

decorative base paper is an important raw material for the veneer of man-made panels. It has no obvious difference from ordinary paper on the surface, but it has strict requirements in terms of quantitative, absorbability, optical properties, wet strength, permeability, smoothness and so on. Its production technology was once monopolized by European and American countries, and China's paper industry has failed to overcome this difficulty after more than 30 years. Qifeng people, who are brave and good at fighting, fought back and gave everything they had. After the withdrawal of the international scientific research team, they insisted on independent research and development. After two years and thousands of experiments, they finally produced qualified decorative base paper in July 2000 and undertook the drafting of the national standard for decorative base paper

breaking the monopoly is not the end. Qifeng insists on walking fast and steadily, and new production lines are launched every year, and new products call the market every year. In December, 2010, Qifeng new material was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, raising 2.3 billion yuan twice, entering a period of leapfrog development. In that year, the sales volume of decorative base paper reached the first in Asia, and became the first in the world in 2012. It has successively created the only academician workstation and the only Chinese well-known trademark in China's decorative base paper industry. The former grass-roots small factory has become a leader in the same industry in the world and one of the enterprises with the most investment value and potential in the eyes of investors

due to the rise of Qifeng, many European and American peers' benefits have declined, and they have switched to production and closed down. Former industry giants who once disdained Qifeng began to ask for joint ventures and cooperation, which were politely declined. They underestimated the courage and integrity of Qifeng people. China is the largest producer and consumer of wood-based panels in the world, and the rise of Qifeng is of great significance. Qian Guijing, executive vice president of China Light Industry Federation and chairman of China Paper Association, said with emotion after visiting the company: "Qifeng is a banner of China's paper industry and a typical example of the special paper industry." German counterparts have to admit that the east wind has now overwhelmed the west wind, and Qifeng has created a "peak" for China

simplicity and wisdom, passion and stability, Li Xuefeng's character determines the character of the enterprise. He is good at extracting nutrition from various cultures, including the ancient business philosophy of Bai Gui and Fan Li in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, and Chairman Mao's epistemology and methodology. Although enterprises have experienced twists and turns, they can ride the wind and waves and forge ahead bravely. Without these theoretical foundations as guidance, it is simply impossible to achieve. After being exposed by CCTV due to pollution that year, Qi Feng resolutely stopped self-made pulp and used all imported wood pulp to fundamentally eliminate pollution. The high-grade decorative base paper produced every year can also replace more than 200000 hectares of forest. On May 9th, 2008, Qi Feng appeared in "focus interview" again. This time, instead of being exposed, he gave a positive report as a typical example of ecological environmental protection. Li Xuefeng said with a smile: "pollution was the focus in those days, but today's ecology is interviewed again. Thirteen years later, the old and new are different, and there are thousands of regrets!" Qifeng's corporate logo is the pictograph of a small tile roofed house in a courtyard. It was the office when the factory was built in 1976, and Li Xuefeng still works here today. Even after the listing and financing of huge sums of money, he refused to invest in the construction of luxurious office buildings. "When will we be the first in the world?"

"dig one meter wide and one hundred meters deep", Li Xuefeng often describes Qifeng's development in this way. Indeed, the key reason why Qifeng can always maintain rapid and healthy connotative development is to unswervingly adhere to its main business and improve the intensity of professional investment. Over the years, they have resisted temptation and impulse, not blindly diversified development, taken the road of professional development, established a scientific management system and incentive mechanism, "decentralized management, everyone is a small boss", and achieved market recognition, environmental protection recognition, government recognition, capital market recognition and social recognition. Especially in the financial crisis in 2008 and the economic downturn in the past two years, it has developed its own style and bucked the trend. In the first three quarters of this year, product sales increased by 27% and profits and taxes also increased significantly, which has made outstanding contributions to local economic and social undertakings and is known as the "Qifeng phenomenon"

for the future development, Li Antong, general manager of Qifeng, is confident: "for three years, the annual output of the company will reach 500000 tons, the output of non-woven wallpaper base paper will achieve the first in the world, the profit will be doubled again, and a new Qifeng will be created."

this will be the next "peak" to be climbed by Qifeng. We will wait and see




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